When one refers of Supreme, most people think of a brand that can be described using explicatives. Yet for a brand so avant garde, it’s unfortunate that the purchasing experience does not reflect its vision. So, for this project, I’ve laid out my creative solution for a future of Supreme that is both strives for innovation through its clothing and business practices.

While this is mainly a conceptual project, a working prototype is available below and is best viewed on a desktop. A standalone version is also available here.

Web Design

User Interviews

Working Demo

Adobe XD



Where are we now?

For the longest time, Supreme's archaic webstore has gone virtually untouched. Despite its major growth since its first store opening in 1994 and their first webstore opening in 2006, Supreme has not made any visual upgrades to their online store. While their servers may have been enhanced to handle millions of transactions and clicks per second (this is questionable; I still run into checkout problems all the time), they are long overdue for a major revamping. I personally think that their website is akin to the old flash pages from nearly 10 years ago when web design was just starting to pick up.



I've complied what my vision of a state-of-the-art Supreme webstore would look like. I'd say its a big refresh to the user interface of what is available right now.

The Vision

Compiled – 1.png

Concluding Statements

Although Supreme's growing numbers as well as cutting-edge clothing designs are constantly moving forward, it's unlikely that they would redesign the very roots of their online webstore anytime soon, but one can definitely dream of it. Whatever direction Supreme heads in the next 20 years or so, I hope to witness lots of change.

To view Supreme's current website, please click here.

Special thanks to Jacob Han for helping design the shopping page. To view his other works, please click here.

Thanks for reading.