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While tools such as calculators are generally not regarded as design-centric, it does make to curious as to what a "custom" digital calculator looks like. They are ergonomically sound, but this is the cost of personalization.

So for this project, I chose to create a series of iPhone calculator designs using PANTONE® color harmonies and cross-references. I referred to color formula guides from the PANTONE Studio app. Every Pantone tint ever imagined was well documented in this library.

I relied on Adobe Experience Design and Photoshop for these designs.


For each iteration, I sought to add some underlying themes into the mix. In the first row (from left to right), I've included a Lavender tone, an Easter themed combination, and finally a earthen mixture of browns. The second row includes an ocean blue tint, industrial cement gray, and textures of the forrest. 

Every theme contains a combination of colors that are split complements, triads, cross references, or monochromatic triplets. All colors other than White and Black are labeled with the corresponding PANTONE color codes.



Overall, I would say that this has been a surprisingly demanding, but rewarding project. I often found testing different placements of colors and keeping track of each iteration to be difficult. Configurations looks strangely different when the colors are arranged in a slightly different order. This just goes to show that sometimes, you need to map out every single combination in order to find the perfect match. Still, I'd say this outcome was well worth the time and effort.

It would be cool to someday see a customizable calculator on OSX or IOS platforms in the future. 

Now, on to the next project!